Strategic Plan 2014

By 2020, QAUHD wants Queensland communities to be strong and vibrant and to embrace diversity. Wherever a person lives, whatever their choice of lifestyle, their experience should be one of rich inclusion and a sense of belonging.

Well-designed housing with minimum low-cost features necessary for a dwelling to be liveable and visitable by people of all ages and abilities contributes to communities that are sustainable, liveable, and safe and that include everyone.

We believe that a universal design approach will ensure that the homes we build today are more capable of responding to the changing needs of occupants and visitors. A universally designed home, is easy to enter and move around in and can be more cost effectively adapted if, and when, needs change.

QAUHD is calling for minimum access requirements in the National Construction Code and the Building Code of Australia for all new and extensively modified housing.


• Continued support for the Local Government Report indicating support from local authorities.
• Attendance at “2020 Where to now” Dialogue/ ANUHD Forum in November 2013
• Presentations and participation at QUT, COTAQ, AIA (Qld Chapter) ANUHD.
• Representations to DSCIP on Commonwealth game accommodation strategies.
• Presentations at National Housing Conference 2013. Support for regulation in the ACT.
• Sponsorship from QAI, Q Shelter, COTAQ, Spinal Injuries, MSQld, QDN and QDHC.
• Sponsorship to ANUHD

• Promote for minimum access requirements in the NCC and the Building Code of Australia for all new and extensively modified housing.
• Continue to liaise with and lobby Government to support and develop consistent, effective standards across all jurisdictions and for national amendment to the NCC and BCA provisions.
• Support and monitor Livable Housing Australia – program and targets and to continue to lobby the Dialogue Members and peak industry organisations on LHA implementation and targets.
• Maintain alliance with ANUHD and continue support, and provide representation at ANUHD events and conferences and maintain strong reporting lines between the two organisations.
• Continue to review, support and promote to Local Government on the extent of the promotion and rollout of universal housing.

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